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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?


You can leave a confidential voicemail at (202) 725-7237. I check my voicemail several times a day on weekdays and at least once per day on the weekends and holidays. I try my hardest to return calls within 24 hours. Non-emergency calls received on the weekend might not be returned until the following Monday. If you prefer, you can also contact me by using the email on the contact page. However, both the security and prompt delivery of email cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, please do not include sensitive clinical information in emails and never use email in an emergency.

At what times during the day do you offer appointments?


I offer both daytime and evening appointments. I do not have weekend appointments. The immediate availability of openings varies. Please contact me to see if we can find a good mutual time to meet.



What is your cancellation policy?


I have a standard 24-hour cancellation policy. I ask that you give me at least 24-hours notice if you will be unable to make a scheduled session, otherwise you will still be charged the full session fee. Please note that insurance generally does not reimburse for missed sessions and in these situations you will be responsible for the full session fee.


What is your inclement weather policy?


If severe weather makes travel conditions hazardous then you are free to cancel within 24-hours and you will not be charged. In return, I reserve the same right and I will notify you as soon as possible should I decide that travel is too dangerous.

Do you accept insurance?


I do not participate in any insurance networks. I am considered an "out-of-network" provider for all insurance plans. To determine the extent of your particular coverage, please contact the benefits department at your insurer directly. I will provide you with all necessary documentation to submit out-of-network claims for possible reimbursement.

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